how to install ssl certificate on WEBinHOST

To install an SSL certificate on WEBinHOST, start by logging into your cPanel. In the cPanel search bar, type "SSL Status" and click on it. Then, select "Run AutoSSL." WEBinHOST offers a convenient auto-installation option for SSL certificates, which simplifies the process.


If you've purchased your domain from another provider and need to connect it to WEBinHOST, you'll also need to change your domain's nameservers. WEBinHOST typically provides nameserver information, such as "" and "" Changing your domain's nameservers to these values ensures that your domain points to WEBinHOST' hosting servers, allowing you to manage your SSL certificates effectively. This step is crucial for a smooth SSL installation and seamless website security.

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