How to install Wordpress in cPanel?

To install WordPress in cPanel on WEBinHOST, follow these step-by-step instructions:


1. Log in to cPanel: Start by logging in to your WEBinHOST cPanel using your provided login credentials.


2. Locate the "Softaculous Apps Installer":

   - In the cPanel dashboard, scroll down or use the search bar to find the "Softaculous Apps Installer" section. It's often under the "Software" or "Auto Installers" category.


3. Find WordPress: Inside Softaculous, locate the WordPress icon or search for "WordPress" using the search bar.


4. Install WordPress:

   - Click on the WordPress icon or the "Install" button to start the installation process.


5. Configure Your WordPress Installation:

   - Fill in the installation details:

     - Choose the version of WordPress you want to install (usually, it's the latest stable version).

     - Choose the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS).

     - Choose the domain on which you want to install WordPress from the dropdown list.

     - Leave the "In Directory" field empty to install WordPress in the root directory (e.g., "public_html").

     - Enter a name for your website in the "Site Name" field.

     - Set your desired username and password for the WordPress admin (make sure it's secure).

     - Enter your admin email address.

     - You can leave the rest of the settings as they are, but you can customize them if needed.


6. Choose Plugins and Theme (optional):

   - You can choose to install popular plugins and themes during the setup. This is optional and can be done later from your WordPress dashboard.


7. Advanced Options (optional):

   - If you have specific requirements, you can expand the "Advanced Options" section to configure your database name, table prefix, and more. For most users, the default settings are sufficient.


8. Select Language (optional):

   - If you want to use a language other than English, you can select your preferred language from the dropdown.


9. Install WordPress:

   - Double-check your settings, and when you're ready, click the "Install" or "Submit" button to begin the installation.


10. Confirmation: Once the installation is complete, you'll receive a confirmation message with links to your WordPress site and admin panel.


That's it! You've successfully installed WordPress in your WEBinHOST cPanel. You can now access your WordPress dashboard and start customizing your website.

  • How to install Wordpress in cPanel?
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