How to add addon domain in cPanel?

Certainly, here are the steps to add a addon domain to your WEBinHOSThosting account through cPanel, including the step to change the nameservers:


1. Log in to cPanel: Begin by logging in to your WEBinHOST cPanel using your provided credentials.


2. Search for Domain: Inside cPanel, locate the search bar, typically located in the upper-left corner. Type "Domain" in the search bar and press Enter.


3. Create a Domain: Click on the option that says "Create a Domain" or "Add a Domain," depending on the naming conventions in your cPanel interface.


4. Enter Domain Information: In the form that appears, enter the domain name you wish to add. You might also need to specify a subdomain or directory where the domain's files will be stored on your hosting account.


5. Change Nameservers: If your domain is registered with a different provider, you'll need to change its nameservers to point to WEBinHOST. WEBinHOST typically provides nameserver information like "" and "" Go to your domain registrar's control panel and update the nameservers to the ones provided by WEBinHOST.


6. Add the Domain: After entering the domain and changing the nameservers if necessary, click the button to add the domain.


By following these steps, you can add a domain to your WEBinHOST hosting account, configure it, and ensure it's pointing to the correct nameservers for hosting.

  • How to add addon domain in cPanel?
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